I am a Princess Warrior…with face set like flint and heart strapped into place, I answer the call into battle. My hands do not tremble, my knees do not quiver, my heart does not faint. White-hot Strength runs through my veins, once cold with crippling fear.

I am a Princess Warrior…efficient and agile, rushing to the defense of those I love most. Worthy of the fight, the memory of their faces fuels my passionate pursuit of the one that devises their destruction. Selfish gain is sacrificed on the altar of committed persistence. I will not waver; I will not tire; I will not falter; He will not fail.

I am a Princess Warrior…armed to the teeth with everything I need to defeat the Enemy – the coward that skulks and schemes in the cover of night: an oozie strapped to my thigh, a dagger tucked into the shaft of my boot, and night vision goggles holstered to my shoulder – ready to cut through the toughest defenses and pierce through the darkest deception.

I am a Princess Warrior…trained through fiery trials, practiced in pain, refined by my own imperfections, and empowered with liberating Truth. I pledge my undying allegiance to this Movement of Mercy, this Resistance against Rebellion…this Fight for Freedom.

I serve the King, and Him alone. I answer to His voice. I heed His call. I carry out His commands.

I am a Princess Warrior…stealth and covert, I move effortlessly through the masses. My eyes locked on the target, my Focus fixed on the Father…my Senses are sharp and my hand rests ready on my Sword. I rely on the periphery of my Vision for laser-like Discernment and Wisdom beyond my years.

I am a Princess Warrior…compelled by the cries of those in distress and determined to unleash deliberate Destruction on the Deceiver…to raise up that which is laid to ruins…to bring Comfort as salve to the wounded heart and Hope to the weary soul.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The hour is late. The times are tragic. The casualties hitting far too close to home.

I am a Princess Warrior…raising my sword in undaunted Defiance…wielding my Weapon with God-given Grace. My legs stand firm as a tower. My eyes are a beacon of light. I am fluid and elegant. I am stable and strong. I am valiant…and victorious…and vehemently His.

I am a Princess Warrior…commissioned to captivate, anointed to annihilate, and licensed to liberate. This is a frontal assault on the one who seduces the souls of the saints. This is Affirmative Action. This is Divine Intervention. This is Destiny’s Child.

No apologies. No excuses. No recall. No regrets.

I am a Princess Warrior…

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