Heartbreak. Disappointment. Rejection. Abuse. Betrayal. The heavy stuff of life. Sometimes it feels like someone is standing on your chest. Sometimes it feels like everything that connects you to this earth has been untethered and your heart is adrift. Sometimes it feels like you dare not exhale or it will all crumble to pieces around you.

Let’s be honest: most days we feel like anything BUT victorious.

Broken and flawed as we are…and as dysfunctional as our families might have been…and as unapologetic as this world has become, our hearts can wind up a bit beaten and battered from the fight. But there is hope.

Psalm 51:17 says:

“Heart-shattered lives ready for love don’t for a moment escape God’s notice.

Your pain matters to God. Your undoneness has His full attention. He moved heaven and earth to invade your emptiness. He sent Jesus to walk among the ruins of your life as an extension of His love. It was meant to change things…to alter your current reality…to affect the outcome of your anemic existence.

No the story doesn’t simply end with your pain. Truth is, the story begins and ends with God’s love. Like massive, stone-hewn bookends, God’s unwavering love stands firm…and woven between the lines and letters on every page of every book, God’s enduring love

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