Listen…to the sound of the silence around you, the beating of the heart within you. Listen to the feelings coursing through your veins that have never been given the power of voice. Listen to the memories of old – moaning in deep, hollow tones on cold, dark days. Listen to the ache of long-held regret and the craving for long-overdue acquittal. Listen to the distant laughter when hearts were carefree and weightless as dandelion seeds. Listen to the love that reaches out – arms open wide – to embrace the world, again and again. Listen to the babbling brook of joy dancing over the jagged rocks in your soul. Listen to the courage pounding out rhythms of hope and love and living. Listen to the beauty wafting through your heart like a sweet, complicated symphony. Listen to the song of you…and then sing it. Loudly.

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  1. Really, really beautiful…and so apt that your name is Melody, because that’s what your words are.

    Your writing inspired thought, and a sonnet. I hope you enjoy it.

    I wish that I could hear the silence,
    but it’s drowned out by the drums
    and the inner roar of violence
    for something dreadful this way comes.
    I wish that I could hear tomorrows,
    stretching on into the mist,
    but I face the wall of cancer’s horrors
    and there is nothing for it but resist.
    I wish that I could hear the love
    that seeks to wrap me in embrace,
    but by the very heavens above
    it’s silenced by that which I face.
    I hope God saves the songs passed away
    that I may hear them in His day.

    #1 at FMF this week.

    1. Thank you, Andrew. Your words are real and raw…my favorite kind. My prayer for you is that God would meet you in the dreadful and be yor Grace…that he would meet you in the chaos and be your Silence, that he would meet you in the violence and be your Peace.

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