Rubbo Commission | “Back To Back”

Commissioned painting for my dear friend Karen Rubbo. Kudos to Michael Rubbo for the great birthday gift idea for his bride. They gave me free reign, and this is what God wanted to speak over her…how cool is that?!

Couch Commission | “On The Heights”

A friend of mine, Jamie Couch, commissioned me to do a painting for a friend of his who’s husband died recently in a hunting accident. He leaves behind a lovely wife, two strapping young boys and a baby on the way. So honored to be asked to paint a memorial piece for them…humbled really.

Clark Rogers Benefit | “Hope” & “Love”

  These paintings were done in honor of our great friend and best man, Clark Rogers, during a benefit concert held on his behalf. The “Hope” painting was auctioned off…and in an act of selfless generosity, the winning bidder donated his bid, letting the next bidder in line take home the painting, so the piece […]