“With You in Mind”

These days of fear and unrest can be difficult to navigate…but art and music can be salve to the aching soul. This painting was done during a time of worship and devotion on Good Friday as we considered the sacrifice of Jesus and joined in His sufferings.

The Way of the Cross

This devotion guide was created by my friend Tracy Grubbs, Creative Arts Director at Lake Forest Church. I’m so proud of her and the weight that this project bears. because (from what our research shows) it’s the only Protestant “Stations of the Cross” guide taken straight from scripture in existence. Tracy’s mix of ancient text and contemporary prose make for a […]

Beyond The Wall

I painted for a Women’s Worship Night at CityChurch recently.  It was a chance for the ladies to intentionally connect with God and each other before the holiday madness began. I set up my easel and paints in a back corner of the fellowship hall, as my heart fluttered with anticipation at what God might […]

Out of Brokenness

Heartbreak. Disappointment. Rejection. Abuse. Betrayal. The heavy stuff of life. Sometimes it feels like someone is standing on your chest. Sometimes it feels like everything that connects you to this earth has been untethered and your heart is adrift. Sometimes it feels like you dare not exhale or it will all crumble to pieces around […]

Brave Wings – Teal Diva

Let’s be honest:  we’ve all lost far too many friends to cancer.  I’ve been to way too many funerals for friends that had so much life yet to live.  A few years ago our neighbor was given the terrifying news that her discomfort and bloating were due to ovarian cancer.  Something none of us ever […]

Painting at Lake Forest Church | “Believe”

One of my favorite pieces of imagery is from the movie “Gladiator”…when Maximus walks through the wheat field and runs his hand lightly across the top of the soft tassels.  It’s one of those visuals that continues to stick with me over time…so simple, but so rich with emotion.  It’s as though I can feel […]

Painting for CharlotteOne | Micah 6:8

My friend David Hickman is a visionary. Years ago my husband and I stood in a church parking lot and talked about dreams, holy burdens, and the heart of God concerning the city of Charlotte. David had a BIG dream…a GOD-sized dream…a dream of gathering young adults beneath the cross of Jesus…regardless of denominational differences, […]

Luttrell Commission | “Passages” (Rhythms of Grace)

There are defining moments in our lives.  Moments where we mark the passage of time.  Already with our 3 1/2-year-old, we’ve experienced several landmarks in what we hope will be a lifetime filled with them.  And already, we are wanting to pull up on the reins a bit to slow time’s passing.  Already, it’s barreling […]

Defining Moments

Last October I was invited to join a group of artists for a video shoot atop one of the uptown high-rises.  We were each asked to paint unique elements on a variety of stained glass panels forming a larger-than-life hourglass filled with sand.  Threads of that day’s shoot have since been woven into a powerful video […]

My Bride…My Beloved

Each worship event I paint for is special…because each time is different. Each has it’s own theme, flow and vibe. But last night was one of the most truly special evenings I’ve yet to experience in this God-journey I’ve been on for the past 6 years. The worship, led by the tender hearts of the […]

Painting at The Gathering

Sunday my husband and I were honored to serve the fantastic people of The Gathering: he  let God speak through his rhythms on the drum kit, I let God speak through my paint and brushes on canvas.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is to bring our different forms worship to the Lord together. […]

Barnes & Kennedy Commissions | “For the Love of…”

I have some customers who have become more like friends.  They’ve followed my creative journey, showed up at my art shows, and even invited me to paint as their group served at the Mooresville Soup Kitchen. Yesterday, they declared their undying love for each other and made life-changing promises as they exchanged rings before God, […]

Robles Commission

This is a series of pieces I painted for my friends Rich & Jenny Robles.  Each canvas represents a principle they value and hope to foster in their family. ©2012 Melody Hogan.  All rights reserved.

Rubbo Commission | “Back To Back”

Commissioned painting for my dear friend Karen Rubbo. Kudos to Michael Rubbo for the great birthday gift idea for his bride. They gave me free reign, and this is what God wanted to speak over her…how cool is that?!

Couch Commission | “On The Heights”

A friend of mine, Jamie Couch, commissioned me to do a painting for a friend of his who’s husband died recently in a hunting accident. He leaves behind a lovely wife, two strapping young boys and a baby on the way. So honored to be asked to paint a memorial piece for them…humbled really.

Clark Rogers Benefit | “Hope” & “Love”

  These paintings were done in honor of our great friend and best man, Clark Rogers, during a benefit concert held on his behalf. The “Hope” painting was auctioned off…and in an act of selfless generosity, the winning bidder donated his bid, letting the next bidder in line take home the painting, so the piece […]