Whatever landed you here – reading a blog post, checking out a new piece of art, registering for an upcoming retreat, or listening to a podcast (coming soon) – I’m glad you’ve taken a moment out of your busy schedule to spend with me! Don’t be in a rush. Drink in God’s goodness. When you step back into your world, may you find yourself refreshed, inspired and encouraged – and may it have been time well spent. ♥

Upcoming Retreats

Join me ONLINE for the RESPITE night of reflection and worship!

In December I will be hosting a time of respite from the holiday hustle - a time filled with music, poetry, scripture and art - when we can push pause on the chaos around us and focus our hearts on the One Thing that makes this season so important.

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Empty Nests

I was walking on the greenway with the fam last week when I stumbled across a tiny little bird’s nest on the edge of the blacktop path. No birds were anywhere in sight and it looked as if it had been discarded – perhaps thrown there by a lawnmower that

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Have Faith

When the hubs handed me these flowers today he said, “These have a little summer in them, but they’re also a reminder that change is on its way…”I needed that – after a year, I mean a WEEK of virtual 4th grade – technology failures, tween meltdowns, screen fatigue, off

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Grace for the Pivot

Today feels like I’m squeezing lemons to make lemonade…only to realize I’ve nicked up my hands while slicing the lemons. You know the tiny little cuts you don’t even realize are there, until the acidic juice hits and makes you want booboo kisses from your mama. Today I want booboo

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The Rising Tide

The news is bad. Each day it seems worse…and more complex…and more uncertain. Daily I have to fight my addiction to MORE information. Higher death tolls, faster spread rate, lack of protective equipment…the list goes on and on. I hear the words that we’re doing good, but nothing I read

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“With You in Mind”

These days of fear and unrest can be difficult to navigate…but art and music can be salve to the aching soul. This painting was done during a time of worship and devotion on Good Friday as we considered the sacrifice of Jesus and joined in His sufferings.

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The Dust & The Dirt

In my family, we didn’t do much in the way of observing Lent. It was a bit too liturgical for the church I grew up in, and as kids, our focus was solely on frilly dresses and white patent leather shoes, and OF COURSE, Easter baskets and bunnies and the

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