50 Days of Faith


Due to the popularity of her 2009 event, “100 Days|100 Paintings”, Visual Artist Melody Hogan revisited the idea of creative experimentation in the fall of 2011 by committing to another painting marathon…this time, for 50 consecutive, color-flled days.

Her inspiration for returning to the studio for the “50 Days of Faith” event was the unexpected opportunity to adopt an 18-month-old little girl who simply needed a loving home. Since the Hogans hadn’t been actively pursuing adoption on their own, there were no stockpiled resources to aid in the process. So a fundraiser was organized to help the couple start parenting and finalize the formal adoption. Having answered, “Yes!” to God’s invitation to parent Ellie, this event became a part of their fundraising efforts…and served once again to connect the artist to the Sacred.

So each day, Melody entered her studio with the anticipation of engaging in a kind of conversation with her Creator. Sometimes it began with a color…sometimes with a word or a thread of a thought. But every time, what resulted was some piece of God’s heart shared in visual form. The paintings and companion writings compiled in this book are intended to engage the reader in the artist’s process, offering a perspective on faith meant to be both stirring and challenging. With a twinkle in her eye, Melody states, “This book is my invitation for you to take a look at your faith in a fresh, new way…and that your’s would be transformed…into the faith of a child.”